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Fall is quickly approaching, and the leaves are starting to change.

I'm going to head to the park now to get some photos.  In the mean time, here's a few neat photos I've taken over the past couple weeks.

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Labor Day Weekend!

It's time for a holiday weekend!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Grand Theft Auto and Modders

I was listening to a report on NPR this morning concerning the modding of GTA V / Online.  The modding was presented as an issue concerning intellectual property (IP) but I disagree.  I reached out to the segment's reporter,
and I decided to write this.

I think the IP argument is fair to make, though I personally disagree with it, and we'll probably get to why that is in a bit.

This is going to be a stream of consciousness kind of post, so it'll differ slightly in style from my usual.

Basically, my thoughts on modding in GTA (and gaming in general) is that it's fine if someone mods their own experience, but the experiences of others (especially in an online, public setting) should be consensual.

Let's compare Rust with GTA Online.

Rust is more like the traditional online gaming experience.  Similar to StarCraft or Deus Ex, you know beforehand if you are playing in a vanilla session, or if the session is custom or modded.  Rust has dedicated servers for modders, as well as dedicated servers for those who wish to only play with the standard settings.  Similarly, rust has an anti-cheat program that is required to be used to play the game.

GTA online is fundamentally different in these regards.  Every public session is commensurate with every other public session.  So, instead of modding the scenario itself and allowing official support (Deus Ex, for example, was a single player game which the community decided should have multiplayer and then ion storm added it in).  GTA Online has a persistent character, so that if your character attains or loses something in one session, that information persists onto the next server you visit.  For example, if you play several hours worth of missions and buy a new car, all the RP/XP, money, possessions, etc follow to wherever your character goes.  This also means that if someone mods those things out and Rockstar (take2?) doesn't catch it, then you potentially lose all those things.

Another fundamental difference between the sort of modding between these is that GTA online does not support modding, and it is against the TOS to mod.  The problem is, with the unauthorized mods like those of the openIV, are that they inject the code using a particular form of data manipulation between the clients and the server.  So someone can literally act as though they are someone else, or mod anyone's stats who happens to be on the session, etc.  This can also result in persistent client side artifacts causing a mod to follow a person who isn't modding (in the form of glitching local data that the individual clients should not be able to normally interact with remotely).

The difference between this kind of modding and the modding one sees in most other online interactions is that, for example, someone can give you GTA$ they've modded onto themselves, drop it onto the world (or transfer it as though you're their associate helping with a mission when you're not, etc) and you can pick it up and the server treats it as though the server gave it to you.

Another interesting and annoying exploit is that anyone modding can simply execute a command to kill/blow up a player.  So if you've been doing a warehouse mission for 20 minutes, they can just kill your character remotely at the last second and you get nothing.  They can grief you repeatedly this way.  Another interesting mod I ran across the other day was someone making controls not function properly to win a world event.

Another stupid thing is that rockstar can't seem to verify who is actually modding, as evidence by the 'Rockstar has noticed that your stats were adjusted by something outside your control, and we've adjusted it for you.'  It's common knowledge right now that, if someone mods money to you, you can just buy expensive cars and stuff to sell later, and Rockstar won't touch any of that stuff you bought because its' not a stat they adjust.  Get modded money, buy a car, switch session and sell the car, and your money is good.  It's supremely frustrating, and it leads to another problem with the overall economy.

If people can just mod money in, no one will buy shark cards.  Now, while I think the business of selling money to people is bad (IGN got in trouble for selling gold on WoW servers back in the day, if memory serves), it's not a bad way to support the game and the costs associated with running such a massive server-heavy operation.

However, there's absolutely no way I'm buying a Shark Card if I know that other people are just modding themselves millions of in-game currency for free, and that those people can effectively waste off any money I might buy.

How, you might ask?  Well, it goes back to the adjustments that Rockstar makes.  If they think your RP or GTA$ have been modded, they will take away whatever they believe to be modded.  You could be completely unaware that someone modded a small GTA$ sum to you, and if Rockstar believes you got more than that, they will just adjust it.  Same with RP.  I think I hit level 96 or 99 five times in a row because I was constantly in modded sessions and the RP didn't persist.

Which brings us to the other very big issue.  As we've pointed out before, because of the nature of the code being injected (CSS hijack perhaps?), Rockstar cannot tell with certainty who is actually modding whom.  It is not so common knowledge (see the link) that they have an algorithm to place players they believe to be involved with modding into a 'cheaters pool.'

Now, I've never modded, but I've been the victim of modding on probably half the sessions I've joined at this point.  It appears that I'm in the cheater's pool at least some of the time, and I have no recourse against it.  Speaking of which.

CEO and other missions can only be completed in public sessions.  One cannot do MC/VIP/CEO work etc in a private (invite only, crew, solo, or other) session.  The session has to be public and populated by rockstar's algorithms.  This means that I cannot avoid the modders at all if I want to do any of the online-only stuff.  Rockstar doesn't give the option for having an offline (private session?) character.  I can't play the online features of the game, effectively, in a private session where I do not have to worry about modders.  I would love to be able to just jump on a private session, play with the new toys, etc, and not have to worry about some idiot griefing me to death.  There's also no session balancing to speak of, so a person with a max level (likely modded) can get thrown into a session with people who are double digits and just screw around with them to no end.  I don't even care if this functions as an alternate character that I can't use publicly.

While we're discussing the online multiplayer experience, it's not limited to just open sessions.  I've been in multiplayer missions (tiny racers, deadline, death matches, etc - all the 'games' portion stuff with lobbies and matches etc) where people have modded themselves to be impervious to damage or whatever.  It doesn't help that I've got a 60Mbps connection and half the time the server lags to no end, or it takes 10 minutes just to connect sometimes (cheater pool algorithm might be part of that).

Again, to sum it up, I think the IP argument is fair, I just do not think it is valid here.  Rockstar is clearly more concerned about modders flubbing up the online space than they are about creators or offline/private session players modifying the game to create new intellectual property.  Modding can be handled in creative ways, but I think Rockstar simply doesn't have the manpower to deal with this level of the illegitimate stuff.

I've even tweeted to them before, how do I report someone if I don't know which person is modding, and they've told me to report the person who is modding.  They seem a tad out of touch on how grand this issue is.

Also, to be clear, I do not mod, and I do not condone this kind of modding.  I do not care what people do in their own environment on their own private copy of the game.  I only care when that infringes upon others' ability to enjoy the online experience as Rockstar intended, with people following the TOS and being kicked if they don't.  However, again, Rockstar has no way of definitively determining who is perpetrating the exploits based upon my understanding of how their code works (which is cursory, to be fair), and as such has a very long uphill battle in this regard.  I wish them the best, because I really enjoy playing the game online, and I really hate when people mod in the session I'm in.

Those are my thoughts for tonight.

As always, thanks for tuning in!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Skeptical Chopra

Let's take a look at this article from Deepak Chopra, the title of which encourages skeptics to go radical.
Anyone who has had the audacity to question mainstream science soon runs afoul, particularly in the blogosphere, of hard-line skeptics.
Whatever that means. 'Mainstream' science is just science.
Whether they are simply insistent or outright aggressive, the skeptical viewpoint has long been founded on a simple principle.
Question everything, even this article. That's the principle.
Reality is what lies before us, in the three-dimensional world "out there" that's verified by the five senses.
So, things like dark matter aren't real because it doesn't exist in those three dimensions, and you can't taste it.  Same thing with microwaves or IR light.
If you can see it, feel it, touch, taste, and smell it, the thing in question is real (making provisions for scientific instruments like telescopes and microscopes that extend the naked eye).
Well, which is it?  Must I be able to experience them with my senses, or can I experience them by proxy?
No amount of argument shakes the skeptic's credo,
That's correct. We question things until we have solid evidence.  I'm sure that won't come up again.
and so it's refreshing that they are being upended,
So you do not question things?  Or you don't want us to require evidence for claims?
not only by metaphysics
HAHAHA.... oh no, you can't experience metaphysics with any sense, or instruments, but somehow it's real!

Excuse me while I catch my breath, I laughed too hard.
or deeper investigation into consciousness--all of which gets dismissed as woo-woo,
So you don't have even those instrument readings you just said were required, but we should just accept your claims as true?  Well, I think you just admitted it isn't real, Deepak.
but by science itself.
That's the point, sir.
With the discovery of so-called dark matter and dark energy, which either obeys none of the laws of nature that apply to ordinary matter and energy or else conforms to those laws in a hidden way, the primacy of the visible universe has shrunk alarmingly.
Those things are real and we can detect them with instruments, which you just said were fine.

We cannot, however, seem to find a telescope, microscope, radio receiver, or anemometer that can pick up on metaphysical constructs that you've described elsewhere.
Every solid object in the cosmos,
Those made of matter, you mean.  There are solid things not constructed of matter, like for example things made of dark matter.
including interstellar dust,
Why wouldn't it include that, again?
is barely the cherry on the top of an ice cream sundae,
A dark-matter sundae, no less.  You really don't understand dark matter, do you?
because only a fraction of 1% of creation
 No, it's not created.  It simply is the universe.  The cosmos.  Don't use the word creation until you demonstrate a satellite dish that can receive information from a metaphysical creator.  Remember, you need that for it to be real.  Are you even paying attention to your own article?
is constituted by ordinary matter and energy.
Actually, you're off by an order of magnitude, because it's probably closer to 4% right now.
This common-sense objection to the physicalists,
You only think it common because you don't understand what that word means.
as materialists now prefer to be called,
Who cares?
doesn't shake their faith utterly,
Faith doesn't require evidence. Metaphysics has no evidence, by your admission.  Therefore, you're the one with that kind of faith (since you're conflating terms here like the disingenuous person you are).
because it might be possible to redefine matter and energy in such a way that the old model of "if you can see it, it's real" won't collapse.
You're the one claiming that things have to be able to be sensed to be real, after all.  Just because we can measure something doesn't mean we can sense it.  Not in the meaning you're using, anyway.  Again, conflation of terms.
But other challenges to physicalism are more radical,
...of which you've presented none here...
which is why skeptics need to follow their credo
...except when it comes to your claims, right?
to the nth degree and apply it to themselves.
Right back at you.  Are you not skeptical of your own claims?  Why do you not hold them to the same rigor?

Oh right.  Can't hear us over your special pleading, can you?  Also, I can't be skeptical of claims you aren't supporting with evidence.  You need evidence for skepticism to play out.  Otherwise you're just a modern-type cynic with a baseless assertion.
There is almost universal agreement among physicists that the universe emerged from a pre-created state that is a void,
No, there isn't, and you're an intellectually dishonest lout. If I were to correct your statement:

"There are mathematical observations upon which physicists rely, that describe the state of the early universe as expanding from nothing, the kind of nothing that Krauss and others have described at length.  This is a fact that liars intellectually dishonest charlatans like Deepak Chopra will cherry-pick out to make himself look more credible, because he doesn't have a shred of scruples when it comes to honest discussion."
known as the quantum vacuum state.
Also known as "just one more thing Deepak doesn't understand."
This void offers no empirical data.
Virtual particles, for one.  Dark matter, for another. We can observe them mathematically, predict them, and see their effects on the expansion of space.
The world's most powerful high-speed particle accelerators can barely budge any data from the quantum vacuum state,
Yeah, we didn't learn nothing from the silly higgs-boson experiments, right?

If you insult my intelligence this severely again, I may become thoroughly unpleasant.

You have been warned.
whose existence is so abstract
It's not abstract.  It explains how the world works.  The quantum world.
that one might as well call it totally mathematical, i.e., mental.
You are the only mental one here.  You do not understand the math, so you think people just make it up.  You are a disgrace to the institution of philosophy that you claim to represent.  You do not understand this and so you claim that no one can, because it would hurt your ego too severely if someone actually understands something you don't, that you have to act like you're the ultimate authority on sciences you probably couldn't comprehend if Feynman gave you a personal tour of his mind for the next several centuries.  You couldn't grasp these concepts if you had until the end of time, and Carl Sagan himself explained it in painful detail.  You would not understand the basics if Mr. Rogers held your hand and walked you through QED on the Magic Schoolbus.
If your foundation of reality is mental,
...says the twit who claims that metaphysical stuff isn't entirely mental...
it's obvious that the five senses have long ago ceased to be reliable
It's a good thing math isn't based on feels, then, isn't it?  See how you're reading this blog entry?  If math didn't work, neither would your computer.

Checkmate motherfucker.
(skeptics tend to overlook that among the greatest quantum pioneers a century ago, everyday matter and energy had already been thoroughly dismantled).
Well, when you don't define your terms, I guess you can have verbal diarrhea anywhere.
The notion has long existed, as first evidenced by Heisenberg, that elementary particles have no set qualities;
Yeah, he didn't really say that, but I reckon a strawman argument is the only argument you've ever engaged in, so try not to burn your brain on the actual science.
instead, nature delivers measurements tailored to the expectations, experimental setup, and observational bias of human beings.
Which is totally why the red shift is something only humans can observe.  Yup.  It's not an intrinsic part of the universe, nope.
There are no fixed qualities of space, time, matter, and energy that exist "out there" without being extrapolated from human experience.
Wrong. You're just simply wrong.  You are so incredibly wrong that I'm not even going to go into detail here.  Here's a video on the alpha constant though.

If you want to be radically skeptical,
Deepak "THE EDGELORD" Chopra
look with doubt upon a basic fact like the big bang,
It's not as basic as you think, in this regard.
which we say in human time took place 13.8 billion years ago.
Roughly, yes. We also have ways to demonstrate how long that is independently of our own methodology.  It's just handier for humans to speak to one another in human-friendly units.  We could measure it in Planck times, but this wouldn't be useful to most people.
With so much agreement on this fact, how could anyone be skeptical?
Well, for a start, 'the big bang' wasn't really the thing, it's just common popular vernacular for describing the very earliest parts of the inflation.  'Big Bang' doesn't really explain it, because 'big bang' refers to a specific event hypothesized half a century or more ago.  We've updated the models with new evidence.
The reason lies deeper than the clock ticking away on the shelf.
Not really, but I digress.
The big bang has no known origin
Correct, because it doesn't require one.
when you get to the finest level of time and space, known as the Planck scale.
Holy crap, I called that one.  I actually hadn't read this far.
At this level, which is measured in trillionths of a second,
Close enough.
the emergent universe is about to be born.
Well, not exactly. The inflation was when time began.  Don't look at it like the beginning of a timeline, though.  Think of it more like a sphere. The beginning of time is the center of that sphere.  You can't go beyond the center, obviously, because you'd just start going the other way.
Its birth wasn't a bang, for obvious reasons.
Mainly because it wasn't a 'bang.'  It was an inflation.  At the beginning (which you would do best to think of as the center of the universe in time) it was literally a point a planck-length across, probably less even, and it 'inflated' from there.
One, there was no sound,
This is mainly because matter wouldn't annihilate with antimatter for a bit, and create space as we commonly think of it for quite a while after.
and two, explosions require a place and a time.
Close enough I guess.
The Planck scale precedes time and space
No. Can't have measurements where space doesn't exist.  No dimensions yet, remember?  You can't have the smallest space and the shortest time before space and time existed.
(granting that "precede" makes no sense without time already existing).
See, you don't get it.
In this pre-reality,
Wrong again.  You've defined your terms poorly, again. It's every bit as real as the center of the earth or sun.
if we can call it that,
Nope.  We can't.  You can, because you're dishonest, but I can't, because I'm not.  So we cannot.
the universe originated everywhere at once,
Not really.  You aren't following me, are you?
and contemporary theorists speculate over whether the same is true today as well.
[citation needed]
You can argue,
You, however, cannot.
from various viewpoints
Something else you lack.
like eternal inflation,
What, prithee tell, is 'eternal inflation?'  Did you mean expansion?  The inflation was a specific thing. Before it happened, time and space were infinitely dense, so to speak.  They existed at null states in symmetry with dark matter etc.
that the existence of matter and energy, whether at the subatomic scale or on the massive scale of galaxies, is a process that never ceases.
Well, again, you seem to be referring to the expansion, but even then not really, because the expansion largely has nothing to do with galactic formations anymore.  It's a thing that happens far from galaxies, in fact, because matter-heavy areas don't tend to expand as much for some reason.
Besides being timeless, it is also dimensionless.
The inflation? No.  You are wrong.  The various phases of the inflation did happen for specific periods of time, give or take, but you simply don't understand how time works.  Maybe we'll discuss it in a future episode.
The whole notion of the quantum vacuum state, which is ground zero for reality,
Not really, no.  What does this waffle even mean?
can be mathematically tinkered with so that the void has no dimensions,
No.  That's so dumb...  I think I just pulled an axon.
infinite dimensions,
Not based on observation, it can't.
or a specific number in between.
See, this is why you don't understand dimensions.  I'm working on a hypothesis to describe reality, actually, and maybe even tie all the forces together neatly.  I'm probably wrong.  Either way, I'm still attempting to figure out if the stuff I'm thinking about can be tested.  You are not.  You haven't made any predictions we can test, apart from claiming the evidence is wrong.  That's the only thing you've claimed which we have an ability to test for, and you come up wrong every time.  Quit acting like that's the fault of someone else.
In a word, reality at its core is inconceivable,
Again, what does that mean?
and trying to model it with mathematical formulas may serve a certain purpose abstractly,
It serves a fine purpose practically, too. It predicts the force of gravity based on the mass of an object.  It predicts the flow of electrons through a system. It predicts the rates of decay of radioactive atoms. Things we can test to see if our math is correct, and then how to correct our math for further predictions.
but even diehards like Stephen Hawking concede that current theory may be far removed from reality.
But unlike die-hard folks like Chopra, Hawking is open to his claims being wrong if new evidence presents itself.  Which Chopra has yet to provide.
Skeptics should be chewing on the current imperfect and very malleable state of cosmology before they point accusations at anyone else.
Do you even read, bro? There's not a unified theory yet, and do you know why?  It's because they ARE chewing on those problems, then going out and testing those hypotheses and reforming them based on observation. Something you seem quite content not to do.
The defense of common-sense physicalism is not only outmoded by about a hundred years,
You act like metaphysics is any different...
but it amounts to an article of faith and a superstition,
No, it doesn't.  Science makes observations and then tests predictions based on those observations.

Metaphysics makes stuff up and then doesn't care what the observations are, because it'll just make up new stuff regardless of the observations.

Can you see the difference?
the very things the skeptic movements is dedicated to oppose.
You are not a skeptic.  You don't question your own beliefs. You don't attempt to embrace evidence that could show you wrong, but that's what skepticism does. If I'm wrong, show me, and I'll have to change my opinion.  If I don't think you are correct, but you can show that you are, then I must concede your point.  Unfortunately, for you, you haven't done that.
In an era of radical skepticism,
should it ever arrive,
Passive-aggressive tripe.
a post-physicalist perspective could be of tremendous benefit to everyone.
Or it could be complete horseshit.  Good thing we have empiricism to sort it out, if it ever arrives, right Deepak?

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Child Abuse

I'm just gonna let this one speak for itself.  This behavior is disgusting. Please share it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Nothing fancy today.  Here's a link to a petition to get the government to take some kind of action.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Comment Response.

So I got me a comment on a youtube video that's much too long to respond to.  I'll do so here.  It's on this video.  Give it a watch if you haven't yet.

Let's dive right in.

Many of the questions you ask about this woman's position reveal an incredible amount of ignorance about the subject.
Cool story bro.
Your comment about Israelite cities is cringy because you have obviously never read any scholarly literature about it. As a scholar of the ancient Near East (milieu of the Bible), I can tell you that her observations about cities are largely correct.
Fair enough.  I never actually said she was wrong.  Although, being a scholar, you do know that the first mention of Israel wasn't until about 1200 years or so after Jesus died, right?

My point was, if a god made heaven, why is it described as only being as good as the best city from two millenia ago?  Sounds like god wasn't involved in this particular narrative, just people.

God certainly wouldn't have had the knowledge to know what a resort and casino is, right?  Paradise was nothing more than a safe place to live to those people, because that would've been a huge step up in those days.  Sucks god couldn't have told them how to cure polio or something, but at least heaven is a huge house where they can live with their horrible leprosy forever.
You can walk into the Semitic museum at Harvard University and see exactly what she is talking about.
Yep.  One museum at one university totally sums up the entirety of every civilization contained in the old testament over the course of the few thousand years it covers.
Also, there are SO many Jewish and Christian views on hell and salvation.
Again, if your god created both of them, why is there more than one?  Why is it a view?  If god is threatening me with damnation, but we can't agree on what it is, how is that supposed to motivate me to avoid it?  You seem to have ignored this point.

REGARDLESS of that, she was talking about the new testament mostly.  I've discussed in some small detail the fact that Sheol is described as being under the earth, between the pillars of creation, and that the bible calls the sky a glass dome which contains the floodgates (literal gates) from which the rains flow. 

Despite this, I have yet to see one picture of any of those things.  What a view!
The fact that you act like there is only one (presumably the one you originally inherited from your parents?)
Did your god claim to make more than one heaven, more than one hell?  I think my bible only has one book on creation, for some reason.  If you have some other bible that says that god created a second heaven and earth in a second week or something, please present it!  Otherwise, I'm just gonna pretend you didn't say that.  I can only find one biblical creation story, and there's only one heaven ever created in it that contains the throne of god from which a river flows.  Please, let me know.  My bible has the apocrypha, but not that.
shows how incredibly shallow your investigation into this was.
Says the guy who can't even follow my arguments.
Your comments about evangelism and the reasons for believing in God is SOO frustrating.
If I'm not going to hell, why did Jesus die?  If I can just leave hell, why did Jesus sacrifice himself?

I'm not sure I understand.  Please, expound.  If there's no negative consequence for not believing, and I'll definitely be allowed into heaven anyway... what is the motivation for your evangelism?
How can you be so one dimensional?
You're the one throwing strawmen around like you're playing paper football on a line with no ends.
Did you parents tell you this?
No.  I read most of it in this 'bible' thing you keep telling me I haven't read.  Do you realize how condescending you are right now?  Is the bible the word of your god or not, and if it is, do you really think he cares if you agree with it?
Religious people believe and worship for all kinds of reasons.
Most people are religious for one reason, that they believe in a god (deity, universal power, whatever) and they believe there are consequences for not believing in a god.  In fact, I would challenge you to find one person who is religious and believes in a god who does not also believe in some kind of universal judgement.  Karma, Heaven and Hell, Valhalla, Samsara, etc.
You make so many assumptions about what this woman believes without any evidence.
No, I didn't.  I discussed her actual argument.  You're trying to strawman me here again.  I don't need evidence to discuss philosophy, after all.

Do you have any evidence that ANY of the heavens or hells you claim to find in the bible are real?  You can post a picture of Sheol here any day you like.  I'd even settle for a small piece of that glass dome.  However, I'm not actually making a positive claim, you see?  All I'm saying is that hell is like a leprechaun: it doesn't exist.  I can't show you something I don't have evidence for.  Let's say you did want me to prove leprechauns don't exist.  What would I show you, an empty field?  A photograph of anything but a leprechaun?

Do me a favor.  Prove to me that Thor doesn't exist in exactly the same way you think I should prove that Hell doesn't exist.  I honestly don't know how to do it.
What if she doesn't think that Jesus was omniscient?
Well then he wasn't god.  Simple, right?  I don't think my argument relies on that.  The bible either is, or is not, the word of god.

If we both agree it wasn't, I don't see what the problem is. Also, in case you missed it, Jesus didn't write the bible.  Also, in case you missed it, Jesus could supposedly LITERALLY talk to god.  Also, Jesus claimed he was going to heaven (again, as though he'd been there before he was born or something) to prepare the place. He also claimed that people get cast into the fire and brimstone hell.  A real place, that he allegedly literally died to save people from.
A LOT of Christians don't believe that.
So what?  Again, if your bible is the word of god, do you really think he cares what you believe?  If you and I both do not believe those things, aren't we both functionally atheist?

"Hey guys, I know the bible says these things, but I don't believe them..."

Why am I the atheist when you claim that those people are making that statement?  Do they believe in god or not?  Why would you say I believe less than them when they don't actually believe either?
Jesus claimed that mustard seeds were the smallest seeds in all the world during a parable.
Again, I don't care. I agree with you, it's not the word of a god.  Maybe we're both atheist, you and I.
That is not factual, but most Christians don't care if Jesus doesn't have perfect knowledge of 21st century science.
Again, your god created him without it, for some reason.  The perfect son of god, fit to be a sacrifice for all humanity, but there sure were a lot of imperfections in him for some reason.

Almost like he wasn't really talking to god, don't you think?
You should really investigate some of these issues more critically before making videos.
"Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man."
-Some famous guy, probably.
Lastly, your comments about God not wanting women to speak (sending them to hell for it....where does the Bible connect it to hell, exactly?) really show that you never read any serious debates about those issues.
Again, it's in the bible.  I don't care if you don't believe in the bible.  I also don't believe in the bible.  But the verse is in there.  The book of Timothy, actually.  He wasn't important or anything, right?  It's not like he was Paul's student or anything, right?  It's not like they felt it was important enough to include in the book attributed to god, right?
You just blindly accepted someone's interpretation (your parents?)
I agree, indoctrination by parents is really shitty sometimes.  However, I referenced Young's Literal Translation.  Go ahead, look it up.  Take your time, you're the 'scholar' after all.

Then maybe go watch The Bible Skeptic for a while and see how an ACTUAL biblical scholar handles the bible.  You could do well to learn things yourself.
or criticism of two statements from Paul's letters (the HIGHLY debated 1 Cor 14 and 1 Tim 2) and applied it accordingly.
The whole book is highly debated.  That phrase is meaningless. However, here's some bible verses on how women should be treated though.

Go ahead, tell me you don't believe those either.  We can be atheist together!
This ignores Paul's praise of a female apostle (look up what apostles do),
But for some reason the slaughter of Holophernes by Jude is apocryphal...
his regard for Phoebe (a deacon and the one that read his letter to the church in Rome),
Another argument from anecdote.  See, you really can use the bible to support any stance.  Remember that part where Jesus said that unfruitful things should die?  He's talking about women who don't have children. That one was Mark.

Let's see though, what an apostle does, while we're at it.  According to this website,
(1) to have been an witness of the resurrected Christ (1 Corinthians 9:1), (2) to have been explicitly chosen by the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:15), and (3) to have the ability to perform signs and wonders
So basically he was chosen by the holy spirit to deliver these messages.  Messages that tell us that unfruitful women should be caused to wither away, and that women should be silent.

I'm not sure what else you could possibly mean.  God chose them because they interpreted his message correctly, according to the book.  Again, if you don't believe it, that's fine, neither do I.
Just read Romans 16 for a good primer on this.
See, that's the thing.  I don't have to skip the bits you don't like.  I don't have to 'just read' certain parts.  I can read the whole thing. Why don't you 'Just read' the parts I gave you, and ignore the rest, like you're asking me to do?

Oh, that's right.  You'd have to be ethical and have scruples and intellectual honesty.  Things you don't appear to be familiar with.
Additionally, there are numerous women in the New Testament that speak freely (read the Gospels and Acts).
Funny, isn't it? How they didn't get the testimonies of those actual women in the forms of books like the men got.

How interesting a woman was never chosen to author a book by your god.

How very interesting that the only time women are allowed to 'freely speak' is when some man is deciding which of her words to write down.

How very, very interesting, indeed.
I could add Old Testament women that have the same roles as men too
Which books did they write?  I'm curious.  My bible doesn't seem to have them.
(prophets, judges, etc).
Well, then much like the other major prophets, and even some minor ones, surely they have books that aren't authored by men?  You said they get to speak freely, right?  Or is it only free speech if a man writes down what he thinks she said? 

Speaking of the old testament, why do women have less worth than men?  Do you think it's related?  Why can't female slaves go free as male slaves do?  Equality, right?
Anyway, that's enough for me at the moment.
I'm sure this bit of mental gymnastics was quite the workout for you.  Please, catch your breath!  Maybe this can help.

Have a good day.
I'll do whatever I please.  Apparently you will also.  Aren't those the best kind of days?