Monday, August 10, 2015

Conversion Therapies

There is a movement which exists, within primarily the Christian community, that advocates the use of various kinds of 'therapy' to treat the supposed 'sin' of homosexuality.  A simple google search for 'homosexual conversion therapy' yields plenty of information, horror stories, academic studies, et cetera.

The basic premise is that, somehow, placing people (usually minors) in a setting with 'therapists' (usually no licenses, degrees, et cetera) who are there to help drive away the demons (or whatever) that make people homosexual.  These folks use all sorts of therapies, from physical abuse to mental torture, all in the name of making people feel bad about natural processes. 

Here are some links just so you don't think I'm exaggerating.  Some kids are even kidnapped and extricated to other countries.  IN JESUS NAME!  Seriously though, you can google these things, and many more.

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Coffee with Claire Aug 9, 2015

So I got to thinking, what do you suppose would happen if atheists tried to pull this kind of thing on religious folks.  Kidnapping adults in the middle of the night, to beat the Jesus out of them.  Exorcising Christ out of their children.  Calling them abominations that need exterminating.  Saying that we did not believe in freedom of religion either.  Saying that christians were just recruiting people into the religious agenda. 

When the people who are religious then started to say that this position was overbearing, we would simply call them the reason America is losing its morals.  These detractors who don't agree with us, surely they must be wrong. We'll even ignore the laws to make our point.  Certainly we would want to limit marriage to only people without religion, because religion is corrupting this nation.

If someone was to point out that religious folks have rights too, I'd argue that they're now oppressing MY beliefs, because clearly if anyone can practice religion, my ability not to practice it is infringed.  First it would be acceptance of religious folk, then celebration of religion, then mandates that all people must be religious.

This is clearly a ludicrous position to hold, but it is held in reverse by many religious people.  Many religious people believe that allowing homosexuality will actually somehow force them to be homosexual.  Does me being an atheist force you not to believe in your god?  Although, I know plenty of religious people who would actively try to convert me, it's kinda the fundamental thing of any church.  I know several homosexual people, too.  None of them is trying to 'convert' anyone, so far as I can tell. 

As a full disclaimer, I do not support any of the actions described in that fictional narrative up there.  It is merely designed to illustrate the perspective of the other side.  I do not advocate kidnapping christian children in the middle of the night and shipping them to an island territory in a ploy to change their religion through abuse.  I do, however, advocate freedom of thought, expression, religion, and civil discourse.  I even advocate for the freedom of speech of the people who believe those horrible things.  They may be terrible people, but they're free to preach hate.  They also are responsible for the content of that message, and have the burden of the misinformation they spread.

Peace out!