Thursday, May 28, 2015

Homosexuality, Kinds, and Shameless Promotion.

 So, I didn't have a good picture of a rainbow.  
Enjoy this picture of a tree I took a while ago.
So, here's a rather straightforward question to any religious (or even non-religious) person opposed to legalized same-sex marital status.


Specifically, what's the reasoning behind not allowing it?  What about it, exactly, compromises the integrity of hetero marriage?  What is so offensive about a man liking another man that causes such a burden to one's own relationship?  I can't fathom it, but I'd love to have a good, clean, logical debate about it.
Here's a picture of a cool flower I took once.
Being an atheist, let's pretend for a minute that I wanted to make illegal all religions that had a god, as they are an affront to my 'religion' (as religious people like to call it - let's go with it for this scenario).  It's not like those religions affect me, or have any bearing on the normal course of my life.  Still, other people believing in god is such an affront to my way of thinking that I decide no one should be allowed to have a relationship with god.  It's unnatural! 

How far does one suppose this sort of argument would work?  It seems a fitting corollary to the argument of same-sex relations.  Obviously, I'm not proposing that we eliminate religions.  Although, I don't know of any gay couples killing children by faith healing.  I don't know of any lesbians hacking up straight people in the streets.  I've yet to hear of the LGBT activists who commit genocide in the name of being homosexual.  I don't know of a single instance of a homosexual person trying to change the orientation of a straight person, no matter how much straight people might insist otherwise.
This is one of the kinds of things I make in my free time.
This is also the proper way to use the word 'kinds,' creationists.

Still, all of that aside, the question remains why some people feel this is an illogical thing.  What exactly is sanctimonious about someone else doing something you don't like, that literally has no effect upon your life?  Why shouldn't gay people be afforded the same rights as straight people?  When did you choose to be straight, as it were?  Are these questions you can answer in a logical fashion?  If so, the comments are below, let's have a chat for everyone to see, in the forum style your gods and prophets so dearly loved!

That's right, a different kind of thing.
OR IS IT!?  Nope, they're both made of yarn.
Can't be different kinds.  They start as a ball.
They turn into two things.  How is it possible, creationists?