Monday, November 24, 2014


Alright, it seems that perhaps my last article was not the clearest in terms of defining what an atheist is, and I think I finally agree that perhaps there are no atheists.

Let me break it down real quick.

Last article I needed to discuss a specific issue regarding theology and morality.  I defined atheist and pointed out that most people are.  Let's pause there, add that is the relevant bit.

Theism is holding a belief in a god.  Atheism is holding no such belief. 

So let's say one is Christian.  One is believing, then, that God exists and simultaneously that every other god doesn't exist. 

So let's turn that around.  Let's say one is atheist.  An atheist like myself, let's say, that believes firmly there is no Christian god.  I also hold a belief in this god, I believe exactly the opposite thing as a Christian.  Thus, believing it about all gods makes me Atheist.  But as I hold a belief concerning said god, shouldn't I be a theist? 

Sure, there's middle of the road folks too, but in that case it is also petty clear.  It is rather impossible to believe (belief is active) that two disparate entities made the same universe.

Ergo, I rest my case.  I guess I didn't change my mind.  Everyone is still atheist; this doesn't preclude one from being theist.