Thursday, March 17, 2016

125 Rebuttals, 13 to 22

This is a post in a series of rebuttals to this website.

Sorry it's been a while.  Life has been busy.  I'm gonna omnibus this one, so hang on tight.  We'll move a bit faster here.

13: The Argument of Amino Acids

This one is so poorly constructed I feel it's a waste to spend more than one sentence here.

Point 6 is cherry picking.

14: Proof by Self-Replicating RNA

Point two is simply wrong.  I mean, how do these people think RNA is formed, exactly?  Without RNA somehow?

15: Argument of Cellular Complexity

I'm done typing out the terribly-worded headings, so I'll fix them.

It's basically the same bad argument he made for the past several points.

16: DNA Evidence by Molecular Machines

Again, we see further arguments from ignorance.  Point six is made without describing why a god is necessary, and points one through five don't establish anything about the development of the process.

17: I don't even care what this title is.

Reverse point 10 and 11.  God exists therefore something must have created him.  So much special pleading.

18: The Argument of Holy Crap, DNA tends to act like DNA argument.

I really do want to stay on topic.  This list just keeps getting worse.  I can't imagine how bad 125 is going to be if this keeps up.

Point 9 demonstrates his misunderstanding of how genetics work.  You can work out the rest.

19: The argument of the cloned title.

Oops, I accidentally read this one for the last one because they've both the same name.  Oh well.  Same problem, just on point 6.  Also, stupid stuff in the preceding premises.

20: The Argument of misappropriation of terms.

Basically, the fellow takes words out of context in every point, and presumes his option must therefore be the only correct one, despite the fact that our intrepid author hasn't offered one actual hypothesis.

21: The Proof by Evolutionary Storytelling

Although, unfortunately, we don't get any here.  It's an argument from verbosity, and it also seems that the author doesn't understand how words work.

7. In serious scientific circles unsupported storytelling was never accepted as an evidence for truth.
That's right.  You can't just make crap up and pretend you're correct.  Come on, man, have you no intellectual integrity at all?  The cognitive dissonance hurts.

22: The Argument of Protein Something or other

 Literally, in point two, he says that evolution happened.  Then he says in point three that evolution doesn't happen.  I'm not sure what else to say on this one.

I'm gonna stop there for today.  All you wonderful people be good!

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