Saturday, May 14, 2016

Life, updates, and a rebuttal!

Life has been keeping me rather busy the past few weeks, especially now that I've started making Youtube videos.

I think I'm getting better at editing and stuff.  These rebuttals I do are tedious sometimes, but they're also quite a lot of fun.  It's really rewarding to see something neat come together, when you've made it yourself.

If there's anything you'd like to see me do a teardown, rebuttal, response, or whatever to, let me know in the comments!

I've also noticed that I'm getting a surprisingly consistent 21 hits per day here, and I wonder if it's bots.  If you're actually checking my blog every day, please let me know, and I'll try to write more often!  I also notice a significant spike in views when I do post something here, so it could just be various feed aggregate systems creating those hits.  I don't want to leave you all hanging for a week at a time if you want to read my words more often than that!

I may come back to doing the rebuttals and such here, but I rather like the format I can lay out on a video.

For now, let's pick up with a rebuttal in text form!

Today, I'll be addressing the same audio clip as this blog.  The Pink Blog basically just quoted highlights of it, so now I'll have the fun task of listening to it also, and providing rebuttal to the stuff that will surely melt my eardrums.  All the quotes are words from her.

So, in our nation, one of the things that, you know, I think we pray for, is that some of this craziness would settle down.  
You know, I agree with the sentiment of that statement.  I think religious fundamentalists need to settle down and address actual problems, but I have a feeling that wouldn't get them airtime on this sort of radio station.
[the previous quote] and our defiance of god would, um, that we would be deeply repentant, and humbled
Well, what of it?
so that our nation, which seems to be shaking it's fist in god's face
Just because you don't like what's going on, doesn't mean it's wrong.  Appeal to nature / appeal to god fallacy
and seems to be telling him to get out of our politics, get out of our schools, out of our businesses, get out of the marketplace, get off the streets,
If it were any other god, you'd be doing exactly the same thing.  You don't care about religious freedom, Anne.  You only care about forcing your beliefs on other people.
you know, just, uh, it's just stunning to me,
Given your inability to form decent sentences on the fly, I'm gonna let that stand.  I believe lots of things are just stunning to you.
the way we are, uh, basically abandoning god as a culture and as a nation.
No, Anne.  We're telling you that we think your god isn't real.  Until such a time as you provide reasonable evidence to the contrary, we will continue to think it so.
 Because when we do that then we're abandoning god.  The bible says god abandons us and he backs away and takes his [unintelligible] blessing, um, his hand of protection away from us, um, and he abandons us.  \
Well, which one is it this?  Are we abandoning god, or is he abandoning us?  It can't go both ways.  My cat can't abandon me if I kick it outside for the night, and I can't abandon my cat if it runs away from home.
So the hope is that when we cry out to him, in deep repentance and humility and asking him just saying god, "we're sorry," you know we're asking you to come back, would you return to us, would you once again bless us?
This run-on sentence is the worst so far.  Learn to think for a few seconds, lady.  Seriously though, he's god.  We can follow him until the cows come home, and he can still just send everyone to hell for the lulz.  You have a fallacy from ignorance, in that you can't understand that the god you describe could LITERALLY do anything, including lie to you about all this.

Also, you've not shown such a god exists, so the point is moot. However, I like to speak in context, so I'm not debunking god here, only the argument being made on this one's behalf.
Then I think there will be peace in, peace on our streets, and there would be, um, better leadership and caring about what's best for the nation.
I warned you, this was gonna be audio detritus.   That's right, if YHWH existed, he certainly would've stopped the flood of Noah when the people cried out as they were drowning.

People: We repent, please don't kill us in the flood!

God: LOL ok let's make sure it's peaceful.

People: God, we're drowning!

God: LOL it's gonna be peaceful for the next 40 days.

Yet some people still believe the god of the bible is going to forgive anyone, if he's real (spoiler alert: he does not appear to be.)

I've had enough of this audio.  I don't need to hear the rest.  This stuff is tripe, and I'm done with it.

Tune in later for more neat things!  Also check out my youtube channel, video at the top, and subscribe if you like my style!

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