Thursday, June 30, 2016


I just added a sidebar down toward the bottom, on the left, that has links to YouTube channels I very much recommend you check out.  I'm also going to give each a quick description here.

Dark Ram 6

Dark Ram 6 does things kinda like I do, with skeptical analysis and responses to religious claims and so on.

DeadHead Animation

Also known as Lego Darwin, he does quite a number of response videos as well.  Give him a watch, you won't be disappointed!

Finite Atticus

Atticus does some pretty stellar storytelling.  Give him a watch today! His voice will bring you peace.

Genetic Julia

Julia does some neat skeptical analysis in her distinct style.  She's only got a few videos right now, but she's got a great future ahead of her.

Iseth Original

Iseth has some wonderful videos tearing apart lots of different things.  Take this one for example.


Possibly the most familiar name on the list.  You might be forgiven for thinking he's in love with Kent Hovind, given how he talks about him all the time.

Oskar Jungell

Oskar's favorite subject is Bananas.  His second most favorite is tearing down bad science, like 'ghost hunting' equipment.

Poisoning the Well
To get an idea what they do, just give them a watch!  It's very eclectic and lovely.

Pure Carbon

Hater of pseudoscience.  Go watch him.

Smells Like E Minor

E Minor does a great variety of rebuttal videos from a unique perspective.  Give this skeptic some of your time!

Telltale Atheist

Telltale is a former Mormon with a knack for drawing things.

The Rorschach Test
Rorschach asks the hard-hitting questions and delivers answers with his unique sense of humor.

Don't forget to also check out my channel, linked to the left as well!

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